Plantations International: Setting the Standard for Sustainable Farming

How Plantations International’s Sustainable Agricultural Practices Benefit the Environment: We recognize that climate change is a serious issue that demands attention and action from the business community. Plantations International has set performance targets, and will continue to take actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from both direct and indirect business operations. We are committed to […] Read More

Excellent advantages when hiring interim Chief Financial Officer from Sam McQuade CFO of Panterra Finance

Premium advantages when hiring fractional Chief Financial Officer from Sam McQuade: CFOs are the most senior financial officers in an organization. They report directly to the CEO and work closely with the board of directors. While the CEO occupies a higher-level position from an org-chart standpoint, in high-functioning companies, the CFO and CEO work closely […] Read More

Car mobile mechanic services in Reading 2023

Auto mobile provider in Reading, UK today: Time-Saving! Mobile mechanics provide an excellent time-saving solution for vehicle owners. Instead of taking their vehicle to a traditional garage and waiting for the repair or maintenance work to be completed, mobile mechanics come to the customer’s location and perform the necessary work on-site. Eliminates the need for […] Read More