How Plantations International’s Sustainable Agricultural Practices Benefit the Environment

Plantations International’s Sustainable Agriculture and Social Responsibility: A Winning Combination: All Plantations International employees are responsible for observing and advancing our Environmental Sustainability Policy. The Company’s Sustainability Leadership Team has overall responsibility for overseeing the Company’s environmental performance. The Sustainability Leadership Team and the Vice President – Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility regularly report progress […] Read More

Physiotherapy advices by Sabra Pegler Minnesota 2023

Physiotherapy advices with Sabra Pegler right now: Assistive and rehabilitation robotics are an emerging PT trend using robotics to assist with cognitive, motor-skill therapy and post-surgery rehabilitation. Specific applications include gait training and neural rehab. These robots, often in the form of exoskeletons, empower patients by assisting them with functionality. This assistance can be tweaked […] Read More