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Premium internet marketing software? Keywords are undoubtedly the most essential part of SEO success. So how do they both fare in optimizing and analyzing keywords? Keywords form a vital part of your digital strategy and Rank Math has the advantage here with the option to analyze up to five keywords for free, while Yoast SEO only offers one. Here’s what both have on hand to enhance your keywords. Yoast SEO lets you analyze your single keyword on the free version (more options are provided with Premium), rates how good it is, and shows you a list of suggestions. The score it gives you is assigned on a traffic light system from red to green, and it also lets you analyze the readability score. Discover even more details at top affiliate marketing tools. ThirstyAffiliate is a freemium link cloaking WordPress plugin that helps you manage all your affiliate links. This is the OG of affiliate link management in WordPress and one of the most popular Affiliate tools among WordPress users. Read ThirstyAffiliates review to learn everything about it. Genius Link is a URL shortener for creators and affiliates. You don’t need a WordPress website to use this URL shortener tool. You might be using YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter to promote an affiliate program, where Genius can help shortening your affiliate link and also in link management. You can also redirect users to a different landing page based on the traffic source. For example, you can send organic traffic to a different landing page than the traffic purchased from Facebook.

However, Rank Math provides considerably more tools for free. For instance, features such as internal linking and high-performing keyword suggestions are only available to premium Yoast SEO users. Rank Math also enables you to redirect users to a new page, preview your social media shares, or access advanced keyword analytics –– all for free. Furthermore, Rank Math includes features that aren’t available with Yoast at all. For example, you get a keyword rank tracker, helping you monitor your site against the competition. You can also analyze your highest and lowest ranking posts. You even benefit from an advanced schema generator, which enables you to choose from a list of pre-made templates or generate custom ones.

Want to create beautiful landing pages, links, and product displays? Or want an email editor to connect with prospective buyers and earn conversions? Well, ConvertKit has got you covered with every aspect of affiliate marketing. With this tool, you can sell digital products, run email automations, and earn a steady income with little to no technical and marketing knowledge. So this makes creating email marketing campaigns a breeze. No wonder ConvertKit has a variety of users, including musicians, podcasters, coaches, and more. Currently, more than 428,152 creators communicate with 253 million fans using this seamless communication platform. Read extra details at

Who should use Impact? Impact is great for everyone involved in affiliate marketing. They’ve created a partnership platform that lets brands engage people for influencer and affiliate marketing or wider business development; connects publishers with brands and influencers; and helps creators monetize their personal brand. And then of course, provides the infrastructure both to track the content and collect revenue for every piece of the affiliate marketing puzzle. However, the price makes it prohibitively expensive for smaller companies.

Instead, several businesses are turning to answer customer requests for chatbots. These AI-and machine learning-powered bots can do one of two things, if not both: Answer queries to customers without ever involving a human being. (According to Intercom, the Business Messaging Network Service, their Response Bot answers almost a third of all questions before they forward it to human.) Give customers a peace of mind that the system has logged their message and that someone will be coming back to them shortly. These chatbots are waiting in the wings for customers to visit the platform, and they can be proactive in obtaining leads as well as the lead background (i.e., Who are you? What are you searching for? How can we help?). They can also offer an on-brand customer service experience without needing you to have a customer service agent on-call at all times.