Top event management program in 2020

Top event manager program today? The flexible schedule manager for your unique event. Build, customize, and manage your event schedule in one organized place. Teams can collaborate and work together remotely and in real-time. Engage your attendees and empower your speakers with an interactive experience and tools. Market and grow your event via our web and native apps, or embed it directly in your own website.

Boomset provides check-in, on-demand badge printing and guest list management system. It allows facial recognition check-in and tracking attendees with RFID-enabled wristbands. Using badges and wristbands, attendees can even purchase merchandise, meals, drinks during events. If you’d like to add a fast check-in tool to your current event planning solution, it is a good option to consider. If you are hesitating to adopt a special device only for a check-in, first check whether your online registration system or event management tool provides a check-in feature with QR scanning. Summary: It can be an event planning platform suitable for a big festival or a crowded event that needs a fast check-in. However, if you don’t want to adopt a special device, consider mobile app solutions like Whova, which supports day-to-day check-in, session check-in, session capacity and attendance management on smartphones.

As one of the biggest names in event management and online ticketing, Eventbrite offers all the features you would expect: easy-to-build event pages, built-in payment processing, and real-time reporting. But it also has something else up its sleeve: a robust integration with Facebook that allows you to market your event on the social network and allow attendees to buy tickets via Facebook’s checkout. There are a few caveats: Your event must have a physical location (online events aren’t eligible) and you must have free and/or paid ticket types. And you can only post to a Facebook page, not to a Facebook group or personal user profile. Discover even more details at Event management software.

My Calendar is another popular free plugin for adding interactive calendars to WordPress websites. Like the other calendar plugins in this collection, this option adds a new section to your WordPress Dashboard for entering and managing the events in your calendar. Each calendar event can have its own date, time, and ability to recur or be a one-off event. You can also create multiple categories and tags to help organize your events and make them easier for your audience to find. Through the plugin dashboard, you can add multiple event locations to your website for quick use when creating a new calendar event. You can also create event groups that give you the ability to assign multiple events to a group, and then edit those events simultaneously. This mass editing feature could save you a lot of time if you need to manage a busy calendar.

In addition, a high-quality WordPress event calendar plugin or more affectionately called the WordPress calendar widget, will also come with advanced features like recurring events, data import capability, Google Maps integration, mobile-friendliness and responsive design, calendar widgets, customizations, and even front-end submissions so your visitors can submit their own events for people to attend. But choosing the right one for your website needs can be tough, especially when considering factors like the impact such plugins can have on site speed and security. See additional details on this website.