Prospector a powerful new software for the mining industry

Prospector an essential new tool for the mining industry? “The goal is to attract new sources of capital to the mining industry and to increase metal supply required for the renewable energy/electric vehicle economy of the future,” said King. “We want Prospector’s AI to open the door to millennials investing in mining and optimize deal flow for traditional investors.” With the support of machine learning, Prospector synthesizes publicly available but dense technical data on mining projects and then presents results in a highly intuitive, searchable, and organized interface. The tool will help investors quickly find and fund mining assets, saving time and money, as well as preventing them from overlooking prime opportunities.

Prospector, a leader among the new guard of mining, today announced a collaboration with TMX Datalinx, TMX Group’s information services division, to offer a subscription-based platform to Canadian mining data. This platform will provide investors and the mining industry access to Canadian mining data including those mining companies traded on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) — both owned and operated by TMX Group. Through this agreement, Prospector’s platform will be synchronized daily with new technical reports and subscribers will have access to historical data.

“We consider Prospector to be part of the new guard of investor platforms. Our platform brings a transformational shift in the way investors access mining data and conduct due diligence — lowering the barrier to entry and reducing investor risk,” said founder Emily King. “And that’s what makes this such a brilliant collaboration.”

“The 43–101 report is the backbone of mining investment research and reporting,” said Nicholas LePan, Natural Resources Editor at Visual Capitalist, the Vancouver-based online media company that creates data-driven visual content focused on global trends, investing, technology, and the economy, reaching millions of investors per year. “However, current methods for reporting are outdated in a digital age where information is easily searchable and retrievable with a few keywords. Prospector brings NI-43–101 reports into the modern digital era to the professional and regular investor.”

Founded by global mining expert Emily King, Prospector is a platform designed to improve the accessibility of mining investments. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Prospector uses AI to offer unprecedented access to mining investment data. See extra details at Prospector.

Prospector increases transparency, providing a level playing field to quality mineral projects and generates “proprietary deal flow” for each subscriber — a unique differentiator in the market as generalist investors come back to mining and as the mining industry desperately needs new, innovative sources of capital. “Partnering with Northern Light on Prospector enabled us to solve a complicated search and content aggregation problem,” said King. “43–101s are lengthy, complex documents with many formats and data tables embedded in them. Investors seeking to mine them for a nugget of insight will greatly appreciate the power and versatility of our machine learning-enabled Prospector application developed by Northern Light.”